Law About Agreement In The Philippines

By | September 25, 2021

EXCLUSION OF LIABILITY: The information contained on this website is for general information purposes only and is not used to provide legal advice. Laws relating to electronic signatures may change quickly, so DocuSign cannot guarantee that all information contained in this site is current or correct. If you have specific legal questions regarding the information contained on this site, you should contact a licensed attorney near you. Art. 1752. Even if there is an agreement limiting the liability of the common carrier in the event of vigilance over the goods, the common carrier is accused of negligence in the event of loss, destruction or deterioration. Art. 1346. An absolutely simulated or fictitious contract is inconclusive. A relative simulation, if it does not affect a third person and is not intended for use contrary to the law, morality, morality, public order or public order, binds the parties to their effective consent.

(n) Where goods are delivered by the seller to a carrier in accordance with an order or agreement with the buyer, under the conditions that the goods are delivered by the carrier to the buyer only after payment of the price, that these conditions are indicated by the labelling of the goods by the words “collection on delivery”; “or otherwise, the buyer shall not have the right to investigate the goods prior to payment of the price if no agreement or commercial practice permits such examination. (n) Article 1730. Where it has been agreed that the work will be carried out to the satisfaction of the incumbent, the issue of expert judgment shall be deemed to be the subject of disagreement. If there is an agreement, the period must not exceed ten years. Art. 1785. Where a temporary partnership or a given enterprise is sued after the end of that period or of a given enterprise without explicit agreement, the rights and obligations of the partners remain the same as at the time of such cessation, to the extent that this is compatible with a partnership as it sees fit. Art. 1586.

In the absence of an explicit or tacit agreement of the parties, the acceptance of the goods by the buyer does not exempt the seller from any liability for damage or other recourse in the event of a breach of a promise or guarantee in the contract of sale. However, if the buyer does not inform the seller of the breach in a promise of warranty within a reasonable time after the buyer has or must be aware of such breach, the seller is not liable for it. (n) 3. Close the mortgage on the thing sold when something has been incorporated, if the non-payment of the sold covers two or more payments. In this case, it has no other measures against the buyer to recover an unpaid balance of the price. Agreements to the contrary are void. (1454-A-a) 4. A partner deliberately or stubbornly commits a breach of the social contract or, to any other extent, in matters related to the partnership activity, it is not reasonably feasible to conduct the transaction in partnership with him; The need for a case is satisfied if the matter can be settled at the time of conclusion of the contract, without the need to conclude a new or subsequent agreement between the parties. . . .

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