Rya Charter Agreement

By | Oktober 5, 2021

The offer also applies to all bookings for regular customers and can be combined with other discounts offered and in progress at that time. So, even if there is already a discounted offer of z.B. 40% on a charter, you can get an additional 5%. !!! The offer discount is deducted from the yacht charter amount, cannot be applied to other items/products and is not exchangeable and non-transferable. “Bareboat Skipper”: the person you designate and responsible for the chartered vessel for the duration of the Bareboat Charter. 6.3 If, prior to the date of cancellation, the ship has assumed the charter arrangements or if the owner has had to meet other expenses on behalf of the charterer, the charterer shall reimburse such costs, unless the charterer can be reimbursed in whole or in part by the supplier or transferred to the next charter; in this case, these costs will be adjusted accordingly. The owner is obliged to reduce these costs as much as possible. We sometimes have last minute offers due to illness/cancellation etc. They are always offered at least one week before the appearance on the Internet of our existing customer database (via our Facebook page). Click here for charter prices. 3.2 The Customer shall bear the costs of recovering and refuelling the ship if, for any reason, the company`s personnel or agents are required to pick up the ship from a port other than two indicated at the front of this Agreement. 5.24 If the ship is returned late and the next charter is affected, all costs incurred by the late return shall be borne by the customer.

Apply point 3 by having your charterers sign a “bareboat charter contract”, which will protect you if the charterers are liable for damage or negligence. See a template for a bareboat charter contract. Valid only for bookings made with Sail Charter International, although yachts are offered (and discounted) in our entire range of charter partners worldwide. While in Great Britain, there is no legislation requiring a formal qualification for skippers. We are generally looking for skippers who are qualified or meet the equivalent Day Skipper standard as the minimum requirement for chartering in UK tidal waters. We are also looking for another experienced crew member on board to be a second officer, preferably with a minimum of competent crew or equivalent experience. As with all sailing pools, charter companies in Canada will want to see that you: 6.1 The charter area should not exceed the limits of skipper qualifications. The chartered yacht must not be transported out of the permitted use area for CAT 2 up to 60 miles from a safe port. It is obviously important that the skipper has appropriate sailing qualifications and considerable practical experience in coastal waters. Our insurers require RYA Coastal Skipper Practical (Tidal) or extensive practical experience as a minimum standard for the skipper and the First Mate must be able to transport the boat to a safe place if the skipper is unable to work – which usually corresponds to something similar to the RYA Day skipper. Many of our charterers do not have a certificate in their name, but on extensive practical experience.

Feel free to either send us an email or contact us for a chat if you are not sure if your experience is sufficient. Please give a brief summary of your sailing experience – as a skipper – on a similar boat and only in tidal waters – do not include non-tidal sails, trips where you have not been skipper, flotillas or motor boats, etc. If you do not have the necessary experience, we will gladly offer you one of our RYA certified instructors for skipper. He or she should occupy a cabin for yourself and you would be responsible for his or her food. .

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