Sample Church Building Use Agreement

By | Oktober 5, 2021

Maybe you would like to have a representative of the church if external groups use the building. This person can help ensure that departmental property is protected and can be a valuable resource in the event of an emergency. Customers won`t be familiar with your building, so they may not know how to find the next outing or phone in case of an emergency. You may not even know the name or address of the ministry – crucial details for first aid in an emergency. Before allowing a new group to use your building, you provide a package of information that someone reasonably needs to know about your facility. It should include at least the following: because of our current economic and outreach programs for various other minority groups, many churches occupy all ecclesial institutions or part of ecclesiastical institutions. Many major dealerships have closed their Sunday night services, allowing other businesses to either empty or use their current facility. Other establishments may have long-term or short-term use for events and activities, for example. B the use of a larger gym or church building to host a larger event. Link to the fully printable version at the end of this page. The main problem with renting or renting church buildings to outside organizations is that your church can be held responsible for accidents or injuries, even if you were not the sponsor of the event.

It`s easy to think that the group and its members would be responsible for their own actions, but often they are not. As the owner of the property, you could ultimately be held liable. To learn more about ways to reduce ecclesiastical risk, call our risk management team at 866.621.1787 or email me at In order to limit your church`s liability, you ask all groups that borrow or lease your facilities to sign a contract to use the facility. The form contains the name to whom they would charge for their cheques, the name of the person or group booking event, the name and contact number, the type of function, the date and time of the event, the installation, equipment, furniture, etc., the rental conditions and prices, the lease as well as the signature and date of the tenant and a part for approval and authorized signature (use of the office only). A building use agreement is only part of the equation.

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