Waterborne Agreement

By | Oktober 14, 2021

An agreement in a freight insurance according to which insurers do not reduce the right to the general average contribution in case of under-insurance. An agreement between the sub-authors of Lloyd`s and the non-transport insurance companies not to cover certain risks of war and civil war on land. A provision on a note that requires the following amendments to be subject to the tripartite agreement. A maritime market agreement under which insurers only cover goods during purchase on the ship against war risks, subject to a delay after arrival at the port of destination. There is reduced coverage for unloading and transhipment in the port of destination. An agreement that gives a person the right to exclusively own real estate. An agreement expressed by a sub-author on the broker`s note. WATERBORNE was established as an industry-focused technology platform to establish an ongoing dialogue between all stakeholders in the field of water, such as classification societies, shipbuilders, shipowners, marine equipment manufacturers, infrastructure and service providers, universities or research institutes, as well as with the EU institutions, including Member States. The act of initialling a signature form or a slip agreement to display the consent of the songwriter. The term can also be used in the context of a clause excluding “scratches, bruises and bumps”. An agreement in a reinsurance contract in which the reinsurer undertakes to follow the decisions of the original insurer. Especially important if ex gratia payments are made by the original insurer and could not be recovered from reinsurers without this agreement. An agreement in which the insured undertakes to declare each item (e.B shipment, shipment, etc.).

where applicable), which is within the scope of the cover in the order in which the risk is associated. When concluding the contract, the insurer undertakes to accept all valid declarations up to the agreed limit for each declaration. An open lid can be opened for a while or always; subject to a termination clause. A standard contract form to be attached to the broker`s receipt. The pre-printed boxes provide space for the initials of the underwriters who subscribe to the contract and help the broker ensure that all necessary agreements have been reached. It is used in all cases where an agreement requires the initials of six or more subscribers. A provision on a brokerage certificate that subsequent contracts (with the exception of those that materially alter the risk) are accepted for all policyholders on the slip if they are initialled exclusively by the primary policyholder. The certificate used to renew a policy. It refers to the original policy and retains all its provisions without restricting all contracts, exclusions and insurance conditions.

Now we have to distinguish between war on land and the danger of war on water. .

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